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Natural hair transplant services are one of the most effective treatment methods to compensate for lost hair, natural hair transplants that restore beauty, youth and lost charm and give the person an ideal and beautiful face.

Natural hair transplant services in Saadat Abad Clinic are performed using the latest method in the world and by a team of specialized and sub-specialized hair transplants, which will bring ideal, permanent and natural results for the person. 

Eyebrow implant information 

What do you know about eyebrow implants and how to do it?

It is interesting to know that the effects of hair transplantation are permanent. So you can always benefit from the blessing of thick eyebrows with a one-time cost for hair transplantation. Eyebrow implantation, like any other procedure, has side effects of eyebrow implantation that will be eliminated in a short time. So if you see bruising and swelling around the eyebrows and eye area, do not worry at all. This issue will be resolved in a few days. Itching is also normal as long as it does not last long. Prolonged itching may be due to infection and you should see a doctor if you notice it. Of course, to relieve itching of your eyebrows, it is better to use a special ointment to prevent scratching the area.

Get rid of tattoos by implanting eyebrows

Tattoos have been popular for a long time and many people used this method to correct the shape of their eyebrows. But with the advancement of science and the popularity of hair transplants, a better way to replace tattoos came into play. Tattooing is a painful and painful method and has its own consequences. For example, a person may be tired of their eyebrow model and want to change it. If you do a tattoo, it will be very laborious. In addition, the tattoo has an unnatural appearance and does not create much beauty.


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